Changing China: The Hometown of Pandas Goes Global   VIDEO

Economic strongholds are usually expected to be centered around a country’s capital city. Expectations have grown accustomed to the idea of these highly internationalised hubs where anything can thrive only amidst it’s plentiful and diverse opportunities.
  • Changing China: Shenzhen's Road of Innovation
  • Jiangsu in foreigners' eyes
  • The Shaanxi Connection
  • How Crazy Is China’s Mobile Pay?
  • Tibetan poverty relief village resettles hundreds
Drone and Phone
  • A district mayor's ambition
  • Going with the flow
  • A tradition set in stone
  • The bird man
  • Building homes away from home
Girl City
  • B&R deepens cultural exchanges between China and Lithuania
  • Cultural implications behind the revival of Confucianism
  • 2017 World Book Day special
  • Finite reality and infinite entertainment
  • Shakespeare is for all time
Tech China
  • Returning home with father
  • BRICS Plus: New plan to include more
  • Exclusive interview with vice president of New Development Bank
  • Global leading experts upbeat about economic outlook for China
  • B&R Initiative: Not a solo song, but a chorus
Ultimate Challenge
Laowai Not

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By  China Daily HK   Oct.17,2017
The Shaanxi Connection  VIDEO
China Daily travels through northern Shaanxi province on a mission to discover the influence the area had on the development of politics in China.
By  China Daily HK   Oct.17,2017
Malaysia Adventure EP1 - Finding Patrick  VIDEO
Drone and Phone links up with The Star TV to kick off a new series around Malaysia. The brand new adventure starts in the capital city KualaLumpur from where we drive out to a hidden cave in the state of Perak.
Changing China: Shenzhen's Road of Innovation  VIDEO
As newer industries like biotechnology and pharmaceuticals continue to develop, Shenzhen’s recent focus on new materials has pushed electronics and telecom manufacturing to the forefront of the city’s largest industries.
Changing China: Integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei  VIDEO
Whilst modern development provides a vast array of transformative advantages, a major obstacle eventually cracks the surface of prosperity in every urban centre - unsustainability. Pollution, traffic congestion, over-population, expanding infrastructures and high demand on resources emerge in the maturing of a modern city, and Beijing is no different.
Changing China: The Miao People's Dreams of Prosperity  VIDEO
Hunan is as diverse a region as any other, but it is home to several prefectures and villages that are shining examples of the potential outcomes from ‘shared’ thinking.
Changing China: The Eco-Friendly Three Rivers Nature Reserve  VIDEO
Qinghai province is home to China’s first national park, Sanjiangyuan, an area that marks the nation’s increasing focus on environmental protection, preservation and cleaner energy.
Everyday Heroes: Guo Xiaoping  VIDEO
58-year-old Communist Party member Guo Xiaoping left his job as dean of Linfen infectious disease hospital ten years ago, to devote himself as the principle of Red Ribbon School, the only school that exclusively provides education to AIDS children.
Everyday Heroes: Riyangul Amire  VIDEO
From a little girl to an NPC deputy, a cleaner to the deputy head of a small town in Kashgar, Re Han Gu Li devotes herself to building her hometown.
Everyday Heroes: Zhao Di  VIDEO
As a cabin crew member of Xiamen Airlines, Zhao Di has been part of the company for more than six years.
Everyday Heroes: Jia Chenxiang  VIDEO
Jia Chenxiang chose to leave the big city life behind, and came to a police station in Luoguhe Village, which is around one and a half hour's drive north from China's northernmost Mohe County.