40 years on: the story of Yiwu   VIDEO

Yiwu is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province and is known as the world's “Commodity Capital”. After 40 years of reform and opening-up, the older generation of merchants starting from “Chicken feather for sugar” barter have started businesses all over the world; and the new generation of Yiwu people are also opening up new online and physical store business models. More and more foreign businessmen are choosing to settle down. They have helped the city renew its vitality through the blend of cultures.
  • Inheritors keeping Shandong's traditional culture alive
  • Sculpture event brings out love for Pingyao
  • Starting a business in China
  • Network members wield influence in cyberspace
  • Broadcast of creation by Swiss sculptor Raphael Hefti
Drone and Phone
  • On the field
  • Kashgar's rapper
  • It takes pluck to fight sadness
  • A district mayor's ambition
  • Going with the flow
Girl City
  • Cultural implications behind the revival of Confucianism
  • 2017 World Book Day special
  • Finite reality and infinite entertainment
  • Shakespeare is for all time
  • 'Fan economy' drives China's film market
Tech China
  • Chinese Market Is Always Blowing Incredible Bubbles
  • iAsk Junqing Lu: How are unicorns incubated?
  • Educator of Global Citizens Linda He: Let the Young Dreams Shine
  • iAsk with Xiaohuan Cao: An IPO Against the Market
  • iAsk Lianqiang Ji: How to run a business as an investor?
Ultimate Challenge
Laowai Not

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