A green path to rural growth in Guizhou   VIDEO

I visited counties, villages, tea gardens and mountains in Guizhou. I experienced local culture and met some great people. Most importantly, I loved the food. I saw the results of trans-district policies and ecological migration in Tongren, a region taking full advantage of its natural resources to help villagers lead happier lives. I saw locals’ efforts in environmental protection and sustainable green development and how that feeds into broader societal development.
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Green development on the sea in Shandong  VIDEO
Shandong province has really changed so much over the past seventy years. And it's been really incredible to experience that in these past few days to see this place. It's been really incredible to see how it's rejuvenating its ancient culture and taking the green development from the land to the sea and it's made this place so vibrant.
A Confucian revival in Qufu  VIDEO
Seventy years ago, Confucius only existed in the pages of a textbook. But today, thanks to investments by the Qufu government, this legendary philosopher and his foundational ideas have become more tangible to people, while also boosting the cultural confidence of China. Confucianism has long shined as a philosophy that guides the great spirit of China. President Xi mentioned earlier this year that a country or a nation cannot be devoid of soul and here in Qufu, one critical part of that soul is seeing a brilliant renewal.
Value of green development in Hainan  VIDEO
Central and local governments have attached importance to green development in South China's Hainan, saying that protecting the island's environment should be central to its wider development and that it should be guided by the idea that "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets". There are possibly few better places in China to see assets as invaluable as in Hainan.