China's environmental clean-up having big impact

Environmental protection and climate change have evolved from an abstract idea to an important part of people's daily lives. China, the world's second largest economy, is playing an active leadership role and deeply integrating the issue in activities promoting South-South cooperation.

That point of view was shared by Zhang Jianyu, founder and chief representative of the Environmental Defense Fund's China program. He sat down for an exclusive interview with China Daily, to answer global media's questions about China's successful efforts to decrease harmful pollution during the ongoing two sessions legislative meeting in Beijing.

Arthur J. Hanson, international chief advisor at the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, echoed those sentiments.

In another exclusive interview, Hanson spoke highly of China's endeavor to fight against pollution, and said this policy has benefited other countries and people.

"I think the low-carbon economy and the circular economy of China are really areas where there's huge opportunities for jobs," Hanson said. "Huge opportunities for cleaning up the environment in a cost-effective way, and really a new green economy that will emerge."

China Council for International Cooperation is a high-level international advisory body composed of officials and experts from home and abroad who provide policy advice to the Chinese government.

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