Big Talk / QnA with CEO

Innovation is life or death, not an option: EY China chairman   VIDEO

Ernst & Young's China Chairman Albert Ng shares his observations about China's economic development, drive for innovation and policy environment for foreign businesses with a China Daily reporter.
By  China Daily    May.09,2017
B&R Initiative: A great innovation to global governance  VIDEO
why such a theme is related to global governance? What will the initiative contribute to the global governance?
By  China Daily   May.06,2017
B&R Initiative: Not a solo song, but a chorus  VIDEO
What issues and topics will be covered, and what should we, along with others from across the globe, expect from this meeting?
By  Hu Zhe   Apr.27,2017
UNEP: Youth participation vital to effective environmental protection  VIDEO
We have Ms Jiang Nanqing, National Officer with the UNEP, who will share some of her thoughts on youth environmental education in China.
By  Rosemary Bolger   Mar.24,2017
PR firm eyes China's potential  VIDEO
The company's New-York based CEO Brad MacAfee was recently in China and visited the China Daily offices to talk about the company's plans to tap into the rapidly growing economy, including the opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative.
By  Li Hanqing   Mar.03,2017
China, Uruguay eye stronger ties  VIDEO
Uruguay's newly Ambassador to China Fernando Lugris called on the two sides to foster stronger ties in business, politics and culture cooperation.
By  Xing Xudong   Feb.23,2017
Cruise tourism expected to boom in China  VIDEO
World's largest travel and leisure company Carnival Corporation is planning to further expand its operations in China with the deployment of two additional cruise brands in China in 2017.
By  Cong Ruiting   Feb.16,2017
Ambassador: Riga is ready for the '16+1' summit  VIDEO
Māris Selga, the newly assigned Latvian ambassador to China, sits down with China Daily Video at his embassy in Beijing on April 8.
By  Cong Ruiting   Feb.09,2017
Ambassador: 2016 very special  VIDEO
Ina Marciulionyte, the Lithuanian ambassador to China, explains why the year of 2016 means a lot to Lithuania and the bilateral relations between her country and China.
By  Nie Ligao   Feb.02,2017
Global leading experts upbeat about economic outlook for China  VIDEO
In a special series of interviews, international leading economists review the year just gone and consider the outlook for 2017 ahead of the World Economic Forum being held in Davos, Switzerland from Jan 17-20.