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Plover Cove   VIDEO

In the last of five recommended Hong Kong walks we a hike 13 KM loop, starting at the Bride’s pool, making our way to Sam A Wan before crossing over to the old Hakka village of Lai Chi Wo.
By  China Daily HK   May.23,2017
Best Shots of Zhoushan Islands  VIDEO
At the mouth of the Yangtze River lies 1,390 isles of Zhoushan Archipelago. An aquatic paradise. Drone and Phone was there to explore five of the islands in the East China Se
By  China Daily HK   May.23,2017
Immobile Micro Console  VIDEO
Tech China button mashes a micro console which casts mobile games and media to a TV.
By  China Daily HK   May.09,2017
Huaniao Island  VIDEO
This episode of Drone and Phone will bring us to picturesque Santorini-like Huaniao Island in Zhoushan.
By  China Daily HK   May.04,2017
Portable Keyboards  VIDEO
TECH CHINA’s clicking away at portable keyboards.
By  China Daily HK   Apr.12,2017
China Tech Pow Wow  VIDEO
TECH CHINA's is taking requests ahead of its coverage of the world's biggest Chinese tech sourcing fair.
By  China Daily HK   Apr.06,2017
Music Fest Tech  VIDEO
TECH CHINA sounds out Sónar+D, Europe’s music and technology festival at its inaugural Hong Kong edition.
By  China Daily HK   Apr.05,2017
Taoist Paper Tech  VIDEO
TECH CHINA sheds light on paper gadgets, designed to burst into flames, to commemorate the Chinese #Qingming Festival.
By  China Daily HK   Mar.29,2017
Da Qingshan  VIDEO
This episode of Drone and Phone will lead you to Da Qingshan National Park of Zhoushan Island.
By  China Daily HK   Mar.22,2017
TECH CHINA Steps off with Damily's smart cane  VIDEO
A $250 app-ready walking cane equipped with motion alarms, video, MP3 and FM radio.
By  China Daily HK   Mar.22,2017
TECH CHINA 360 your smart phone  VIDEO
TECH CHINA takes a turn with the Insta360 Air and Nano, the first 360 degree cameras designed around your smartphone.
By  China Daily HK   Mar.22,2017
High Junk Peak  VIDEO
The second of recommended Hong Kong walks
By  China Daily HK   Mar.13,2017
Walking around Mount Putuo  VIDEO
This episode of Drone and Phone will lead you to Mount Putuo in Zhejiang Province.
By  China Daily HK   Mar.06,2017
The Mount Stenhouse loop  VIDEO
In the first of recommended Hong Kong walks we take on a 15 KM hike starting at Pak Kok village in the north of Lamma island and make our way along the spine of the island to Sok Kwu Wan before ascending Mount Stenhouse.
By  China Daily HK   Feb.23,2017
TECH CHINA tries $233 gas mask  VIDEO
TECH CHINA dons the portable air filter Airsport, a forced air HEPA filter gas mask for exercise.
By  China Daily HK   Feb.16,2017
ZTE jumps into the electric vehicle game  VIDEO
ZTE VP Academus Tian talks to China Daily about the firm's lofty goals of a cloud connected, autonomous car, curated for comfort and convenience.
By  China Daily HK   Feb.09,2017
Near vertical: An epic mountain luge ride  VIDEO
In this episode, we explore more of what China's premier ski resort has on offer.
By  China Daily HK   Jan.31,2017
Down slopes: A thrilling sun-kissed alpine experience  VIDEO
In this episode, we're going down the slopes from the top of Yabuli.