Cheese can be stored at the bank as collateral in Italy  VIDEO
In Italy, there is a cheese bank named Credito Emiliano where the producers of Parmesan cheese can store their product in bank vaults as part of a banking program that accepts the expensive cheese as collateral for loans.
Hatoon Kadi, the internet celebrity from Saudi Arabia  VIDEO
Hatoon Kadi, the internet celebrity and female comic from Saudi Arabia.
By  Claudia Hinterseer   Mar.03,2017
Jiguo, Obama’s Double  VIDEO
Been wondering what Obama is up to? His look alike is taking acting classes. Jiguo Xiao is a Chinese resident who closely resembles the former US president.
By  Claudia Hinterseer   Feb.23,2017
Xiaoxiao, the black-out queen  VIDEO
Meet Xiaoxiao who likes to go party, day in and day out.
By  Claudia Hinterseer   Feb.16,2017
Li Hui, wheelchair dancer  VIDEO
Li Hui was a professional dancer when he had a car accident that caused a spinal-cord injury, and made him loose all feeling underneath his bellybutton.
By  Claudia Hinterseer   Feb.09,2017
Wanzi and her pet pig  VIDEO
Wu Hua is Wanzi's enormous pet pig. In her Beijing apartment the pig has a separate room and is treated like a princess.