Urban Tales

A world of good taste   VIDEO

Ever wondered how the stuffed roast goose that you so dig came to be a part of Cantonese cuisine? Or about the provenance of the wonton noodle that has become your daily staple?
By  China Daily HK   Jul.27,2017
HK again betting on gold futures  VIDEO
Hong Kong to introduce #gold #futures for the third time.
By  China Daily HK   Jul.21,2017
Opening day at the Hong Kong Book Fair  VIDEO
The Hong Kong Book Fair, Asia's largest, is underway. This year it's bigger than ever, with 670 exhibitors and 320 cultural events.
By  China Daily HK   Jul.19,2017
The scent of extinction  VIDEO
The incense trees that gave Hong Kong its name (“heung gong” in Cantonese translates as “fragrant harbor”) are now an endangered species.
By  China Daily HK   Jan.31,2017
Down slopes: A thrilling sun-kissed alpine experience  VIDEO
In this episode, we're going down the slopes from the top of Yabuli.
By  China Daily HK   Feb.09,2017
Near vertical: An epic mountain luge ride  VIDEO
In this episode, we explore more of what China's premier ski resort has on offer.
By  China Daily HK   Jun.22,2017
From fishing village to metropolis  VIDEO
If you have a thing for sepia-tinted images and steam engines, this video's for you. If you're one of those who still misses the old Star Ferry Pier, this is your thing.
By  China Daily HK   Jun.22,2017
Hong Kong portraits  VIDEO
What would make the best generic shot of Hong Kong people?
By  China Daily HK   Jun.22,2017
The world's banking capital  VIDEO
Much of the world's money passes through Hong Kong. The world's major banks have a robust presence here. The city also serves as the world's largest container port.
By  China Daily HK   Jul.18,2017
Selling Hong Kong’s cultural charm  VIDEO
Hong Kong has been hailed a paradise for shopping. But with decreasing retail, the government has begun to promote the city’s cultural charm as an alternative for tourists. What will be the impact?
By  China Daily HK   Jul.18,2017
Olga, China is my home  VIDEO
Olga, a Russian girl fascinated by China, feels Chinese is her mother tongue.