NPC deputy wants nation to address packaging waste

Chai Shanshan, a deputy to the National People's Congress and the youngest from the Shanghai delegation, said he never imagined an average postal worker like himself would ever assume such an honor and responsibility.

In his second year as an NPC deputy, Chai has prepared two proposals.  One is about promoting the logistics distribution industry, to let our employees be better integrated into the city. Another suggestion is that the environmental aspects also are related to our express delivery industry.

According to relevant data from the State Administration of Posts, China’s express package volume has exceeded 50 billion this year. This creates a problem, and each package raises the amount of packaging waste, especially in the case of the current over-packaging situation.

“Because companies need to ensure customers’ experience, like some of the usual small goods in our lives, packaging materials may exceed five times or even 10 times the material of the product. Therefore, in this respect, we have made some appeals at the national level based on our own industry experience and some problems in the development of our company. We can promote a reduction in the source of waste and advocate our participation by all people to protect the environment,” Chai said.