Smart healthcare a focus at World IoT Expo

The global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has shown up on the World Internet of Things Exposition(WIOT)for four consecutive years. With 6 innovative medical scenarios, 14 innovative holistic disease management solutions and 35 new technological applications of smart healthcare, AstraZeneca presents the audience with its innovative practices where technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, 5G and AI are employed to empower the smart healthcare, by means of VR and scenario simulation that can provide immersive and interactive experience.

Leon Wang, Executive Vice President, International and China President at AstraZeneca, remarked, “This year marks the 10th year of the development of the IoT industry in Wuxi. Nowadays, the pattern of world Internet of Things has been deeply marked with the ‘Taihu imprint’. AstraZeneca’s innovation on healthcare IoT commenced in Wuxi with its achievements widely adopted in over 1,400 hospitals in China in the past two years, and many programs were even introduced abroad with over 700 pediatric nebulization rooms being established in countries and regions along the Belt and Road and cancer screening programs extending to 11 countries.