2017 World Book Day special

One of the things most people can agree on is that a great panacea to pacify the hustle brought about by modern life is the smell of ink. Flipping through the pages of a book and trying to imbibe the nuance and richness of it is both joyful and rewarding, though sometimes a challenging experience, where you might find the journey keeping up with the author can keep your mind active.World Book Day is not only a day to celebrate the delight of reading but also a day to ponder over the many interesting facets of the activity.

When you choose a book, which is more important to you: readability or its and literary worth? Is it wise to only go for bestsellers? In times of information overload, are classics still worth wading through? And the ultimate question, where has reading taken you? We interviewed six media professionals, who candidly share their thoughts on those questions, and hopefully their insights can shed some light on what and how you read.

Guests: Meghan Horihan, Rosemary Bolger, Tyler Terrance ONeil, Camilla Tenn, Brian Salter, Charlie Clarkson

Camera: Cong Ruiting, Zhang Guangteng

Editing: Yu Xiaoou

Subtitles: Lan Yun (Intern)

Producer: Hu Zhe

Executive Producer: Feng Minghui