Big Talk / QnA with CEO

By  Song Jingyi   Mar.05,2019
China's environmental clean-up having big impact  VIDEO
Environmental protection and climate change have evolved from an abstract idea to an important part of people's daily lives. China, the world's second largest economy, is playing an active leadership role and deeply integrating the issue in activities promoting South-South cooperation.
Ask : Who was trying to “hunt you down” this year?  VIDEO
Fu Sheng really admires cheetahs for their swift movements, rapid attacks, and the decisiveness to give things up. Therefore, he named his company Cheetah Mobile and embeds cheetahs’ genes into every strategic move of the company. In its 8 years of history, Cheetah Mobile pivoted three times, from PC to mobile internet, from China to overseas, from tools to content creation to “All in” on AI.
China brings important experience to bridging internet divide  VIDEO
China’s unique experience dealing with the digital divide is important to the world, as the country has been successful in promoting internet for less-developed areas and can bring that insight to other countries and economies, said Robert Lawrence Kuhn, chairman of the Kuhn Foundation this Wednesday during an interview with China Daily at the ongoing Fifth World Internet Conference.
Nigerian official ‘impressed’ by WIC  VIDEO
He said as an attendee he was impressed by the event’s organization and was excited by the opportunities brought by the gathering of global leaders and policymakers from all over the world.
iAsk : You Sold Robust to Become an Investor?  VIDEO
Robust, a company brand that seems remote nowadays, created a business miracle 20 years ago. Yet, it was acquired by Danone at its prime time. Boquan He, Founder of Robust, chose to opt out upon acquisition, which turned out shocking to the market. He was once considered a loser outcompeted by capital conspiracy and a victim of foreign investors suppressing national brands.
iAsk: How Did A Mother Become the Queen of Online Photography?  VIDEO
She is a caring mother who embarked on a photography career because of a picture of the fetus in her womb. She boldly quitted her top management position of a Fortune 500 company and started new businesses three times in a row. She is humorous, “my name is Dami (meaning “rice” in Chinese), which everyone eats every day”. She is ambitious, “my project is called VPhoto, and I want it to become the world's largest real-time image sharing platform. "
Time is the best friend of an investor  VIDEO
This week’s iAsk Leader, Gloria Ai is having a conversation with the “VC Godfather”, Wang Chaongyong to discuss his life as an investor, and the choices and trade-offs he made.
iAsk: To be confident, a woman has to forget about her gender  VIDEO
When a woman no longer emphasizing on “being a woman”, she starts to become truly confident.
iAsk Leaders: What it takes to become a unicorn company?  VIDEO
At present, mankind is at a time of transformation from the big data era to the big computing era.
why did its share surge by 90% since its IPO?  VIDEO
iAsk Media : What determines whether a VC will last or fail?  VIDEO
This issue of iAsk Media, Gloria Ai is having a conversation with Gavin Ni, CEO of Zero2IPO, to analyze the changes and continuations of China’s venture capital industry.
iAsk Leaders: why are the Stock markets so different ?  VIDEO
In today’s iAsk Leaders, Gloria Ai is having a conversation with Ted (Tiefei) Wang, a former Partner of Goldman Sachs, to discuss the China and US stock markets over the last decade.
iAsk: How long can the bubble of Chinese film industry last?  VIDEO
The tycoon invited by iAsk this time is Liu Hongtao, CEO of Happy Twist. Gloria Ai, founder of iAsk Media is having a talk with him about the worries of Happy Twist.
iAsk: No Real Entrepreneur Will Immigrate?  VIDEO
Behind the humility of a strongman is Cao Dewang’s belief in life – never to be greedy. Cultivate one’s moral character, govern one’s family, and then manage a company and finally conquer the world. It is very suitable to describe Cao Dewang.
iAsk Media: To a large extent, ICO is used to take people’s money  VIDEO
“Based on our continuous investment on blockchain technology, Xunlei hopes to help China to become a world leader in blockchain technology for 20 years.” ——Chen Lei, CEO of XunLei
iAsk: How can PE business continue?  VIDEO
Today we have Wang as guest of iAsk Leaders to unveil what’s behind PE funds, to go through the mist and explore the path for the future.
iAsk:108 P2P companies touched the mines in 42 days  VIDEO
But in the industry mingled with good and bad, a minority of liars have consumed people’s trust on the internet finance. Could the true P2P model be trusted? Gloria Ai, Founder of iAsk Media delves into the four-year-old Daokoudai, a P2P platform dedicated to supply chain finance. Together with the founder of this company, let’s try to envisage the bright future of P2P model.
iAsk: Human intelligence against the AI upsurge?  VIDEO
The topics today are all associated with the relations between mankind, AI and machines.
iAsk: Persistent Hu Baosen, breathing Henan Jianye Group  VIDEO
Holding fast to the market position in Henan province for 26 years, Hu Baosen has been firmly committed to maintaining his own pace and remaining unchanged no matter what has happened in the ever-changing environment.
iAsk : What do you have to experience on the way to Buffet?  VIDEO
Wang Chaoyong has a lot of labels on him, a child prodigy, financier, godfather of venture capital investment. But the one he likes the best is the label of founder after he left the well-recognized global investment banks like JP Morgan and Standard & Poor's and founded ChinaEquity. Now is the chairman & CEO of ChinaEquity. 
He Yafei: Is a Trade War Still Avoidable  VIDEO
If the U.S. only insists on its own way focusing on short-term "America First" goals, it is almost suicidal as its global leadership will be undercut.
iAsk: Why did Fu Sheng 'sell his child' ?  VIDEO
From Kingsoft Security to Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM), Fu Sheng goes into the content industry from the tool application, and then to the sales of "child". Obsessed with artificial intelligence, he successfully won 600 million global users in three years.