By  China Daily HK   Sep.21,2017
Startup reaches for the stars  VIDEO
A former Hong Kong headmaster has devoted himself to improving education in Hunan province in the last decade.
By  China Daily HK   Sep.20,2017
Gender under pressure  VIDEO
In this month’s Hong Kong Enquirer we take a closer look at the causes of the imbalance and the demands and aspirations of both genders.
China's major-country diplomacy EP2  VIDEO
Replete with its own unique features, China's major-country diplomacy has made comprehensive progress in recent years.
China's major-country diplomacy EP1  VIDEO
Replete with its own unique features, China's major-country diplomacy has made comprehensive progress in recent years.
Tibetan poverty relief village resettles hundreds  VIDEO
Sanyou Village is home to Tibet's first poverty alleviation and relocation project. Sitting beside Lhasa River, the project broke ground in March 2016, and all villagers were settled by July 5th, 2016.
Fleshing out in autumn | Know China Learn Chinese  VIDEO
For Erik, September means that summer is gone, autumn came. But what he doesn't know is that it is already been fall for a few weeks, according to the Chinese lunar calendar.
This is Tibet: millennium Tibetan incense  VIDEO
The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with its unique geographical environment, has nurtured a rich Tibetan culture. Tibetan incense, always as a dedication to the Buddha and Gods in religious and spiritual activities, soothing the nerves and settling the soul, has also been widely used in the medicine, Buddhism practice, as well as the daily life of Tibetan people.
This is Tibet: the sacred lake in my heart  VIDEO
The sunshine of Tibet is never late. When the first ray bursts through sky at the break of dawn a paradise of nature reveals right in front of you. In this episode, let's discover the beauty and magic of the sacred lake in Tibet.
This is Tibet: today and yesterday  VIDEO
Tibet has witnessed tremendous changes with the passage of time. It transcended the general pattern of social development and quickly ended feudal serfdom. We will discover how Tibet changes during these years.
By  China Daily   Jul.31,2017
Shandong seizes opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative  VIDEO
A group of Asian media reporters share their insights on Shandong province during their Discover Shandong trip on July 2-8 in Jinan, Dongying and Yantai.
By  China Daily HK   Jul.25,2017
Liu, keeping Shenzhen shining  VIDEO
Liu Yingping came to Shenzhen ten years ago to find work and started working as a window cleaner, a dangerous and exhausting job.
By  China Daily HK   Jul.13,2017
Chen, painting the Mediterranean for a living  VIDEO
Chen Lin has been painting commercial paintings - mostly replicas - in oil painting village Dafen. She’s specialized in Mediterranean sceneries.
By  China Daily HK   Jul.06,2017
Feishou, Chinaman with African rhythm  VIDEO
Feishou, who has never been to Africa, believes he is destined to become a djembe player.
Biggest Chinese night market held in LA  VIDEO
626 Night Market, the largest night market in the United States, kicked off recently at Santa Anita Park in Los Angeles, offering Southern Californians a great place to go during summer nights.
By  China Daily HK   Jun.22,2017
Mr Xing, the 96-year-old tennis player  VIDEO
Every day, Mr Xing Rao plays tennis, except when it rains. He is 96 years old but does daily one-hour sessions hitting the ball 1,000 times against a wall in his neighbourhood in Shenzhen.
Laowai Does: one day in Ditan Park  VIDEO
You must have seen the square dancing, whip crack and other special Chinese entertainment activities, but have you ever tried them by yourself? In order to explore the mystery of these activities, our colleague Adam spent a whole day in Beijing’s Ditan Park to experience all these activities with the locals. Let’s check out his day.
China preps US workers for new CRRC plant  VIDEO
33 employees from the Springfield operation arrived at CRRC’s manufacturing plant in Changchun, northeastern China’s Jilin province, in April for a three-month training course.
By  China Daily HK    May.23,2017
Marina, the woman who built a mosque  VIDEO
Marina Tabassum is a Bangladeshi architect who recently completed the Bait Ur Rouf Mosque on the outskirts of Dhaka.
B&R special: Vision  VIDEO
If this is just the beginning, what's the vision for the future?
B&R special: The Power of Capital  VIDEO
In this episode, we will discover B&R's financing scheme and how currency circulates along the Belt and Road.
B&R special: Platforms  VIDEO
In this episode, we will discover how the B&R can help countries cooperate, as well asbring jobs and revenue to local people.
B&R special: Industrialization  VIDEO
In this episode, we will discover the mission of the Belt and Road and how B&R help countries along the way realize their dreams of development.
B&R special: Paving the way  VIDEO
In this episode, we will see how Belt and Road helps close the distance between people around the world.
By  China Daily    May.09,2017
B&R special: the Origin  VIDEO
In the first episode of this mini-documentary series, we will discover the origin of the Belt and Road Initiative and learn how it will affect China and, ultimately, the world.
By  China Daily   Apr.28,2017
Beijing landscaper finds his garden bliss  VIDEO
Born in 1985 in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, Yu now is a landscape designer based in Beijing. His obsession with horticulture sprouted at a very young age when he began growing various plants at home.
By  China Daily   Apr.27,2017
Meet the unknowns behind the bike-sharing business  VIDEO
Wang Shuo, 28, head of the operation team of Mobike in Dongcheng and Xicheng districts in Beijing, told that his "buddies" are grouped to take up different tasks on the streets.
By  China Daily   Apr.26,2017
Night in emergency room: Doctor's story  VIDEO
Xu Jin has been an emergency room doctor since July 2005, and now he serves as the attending doctor in the emergency department at Peking Union Medical College Hospital.
By  Huan Cao   Apr.25,2017
Beijing subway: Man behind the scenes  VIDEO
A 48-year-old construction worker, who goes by the name of Ning Dalin, is currently working in underground Wangfujing, a downtown area of Beijing, which features shopping malls, luxury hotels, and large flows of people.
Cheese can be stored at the bank as collateral in Italy  VIDEO
In Italy, there is a cheese bank named Credito Emiliano where the producers of Parmesan cheese can store their product in bank vaults as part of a banking program that accepts the expensive cheese as collateral for loans.
Hatoon Kadi, the internet celebrity from Saudi Arabia  VIDEO
Hatoon Kadi, the internet celebrity and female comic from Saudi Arabia.
By  Claudia Hinterseer   Mar.03,2017
Jiguo, Obama’s Double  VIDEO
Been wondering what Obama is up to? His look alike is taking acting classes. Jiguo Xiao is a Chinese resident who closely resembles the former US president.
By  Claudia Hinterseer   Feb.23,2017
Xiaoxiao, the black-out queen  VIDEO
Meet Xiaoxiao who likes to go party, day in and day out.
By  Claudia Hinterseer   Feb.16,2017
Li Hui, wheelchair dancer  VIDEO
Li Hui was a professional dancer when he had a car accident that caused a spinal-cord injury, and made him loose all feeling underneath his bellybutton.
By  Claudia Hinterseer   Feb.09,2017
Wanzi and her pet pig  VIDEO
Wu Hua is Wanzi's enormous pet pig. In her Beijing apartment the pig has a separate room and is treated like a princess.