Beijing keeps getting better in 2018   VIDEO

Beijing not only belongs to you and me; it belongs to us. It is our shared home.
Video: 'Cliff village' says adieu to poverty 
Atuleer village in Sichuan province's Liangshan prefecture, also known as "cliff village", drew widespread attention four years ago when a newspaper published photos of students going to class by scaling a patchwork of mountainside rattan ladders stretching 800 meters.
Field lab in Hebei can process up to 1m tests daily  VIDEO
The total number of confirmed cases in North China’s Hebei province stands at 267, including 265 from local transmission, data from the provincial health commission showed on Monday.
Green development on the sea in Shandong  VIDEO
Shandong province has really changed so much over the past seventy years. And it's been really incredible to experience that in these past few days to see this place. It's been really incredible to see how it's rejuvenating its ancient culture and taking the green development from the land to the sea and it's made this place so vibrant.
A Confucian revival in Qufu  VIDEO
Seventy years ago, Confucius only existed in the pages of a textbook. But today, thanks to investments by the Qufu government, this legendary philosopher and his foundational ideas have become more tangible to people, while also boosting the cultural confidence of China. Confucianism has long shined as a philosophy that guides the great spirit of China. President Xi mentioned earlier this year that a country or a nation cannot be devoid of soul and here in Qufu, one critical part of that soul is seeing a brilliant renewal.
Value of green development in Hainan  VIDEO
Central and local governments have attached importance to green development in South China's Hainan, saying that protecting the island's environment should be central to its wider development and that it should be guided by the idea that "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets". There are possibly few better places in China to see assets as invaluable as in Hainan.
An ecotourism paradise in Hainan  VIDEO
As China’s largest free trade pilot zone and free trade port, Hainan is becoming a mainstay for international tourists the world over. The development of tourism on the island reflects the broader development of the industry across China, where 70 years since the state’s foundation.The sector receives increasing support in the form of government policy to help it thrive.
Culture and arts onstage in Beijing  VIDEO
In the earliest years of China’s founding the nation’s cultural industry had barely taken its first steps onto the stage. But today, China is preserving the best of its traditional culture as it incorporates with the world's finest cultural achievements. People in China have enjoyed greater cultural enrichment which has in turn brought them greater joy. And China's cultural industry continues to soar in its own performance winning more applause from audiences.
Higher education in Beijing  VIDEO
After 70 years of development in China's education,the quality of higher education has risen to new heights. As colleges and universities have cultivated more outstanding talent, they have also made constant efforts to deepen reform and education and have contributed greatly to the development of science and technology in China. Seven decades of hard work has once again proven that education is the foundation of a strong and prosperous country.
Traditional Suzhou transforms  VIDEO
From ancient gardens and classical opera to gourmet sightseeing on the go and emerging embroidery talent, Suzhou has shown how its traditional culture continues to dazzle the world with distinction, often in unexpected ways, as the city evolves and changes over time. And that surely makes it even more heavenly of a place to visit and behold.
Leaping ahead in modern Suzhou  VIDEO
I’m Jocelyn from China Daily. I’ve called China home for over a decade. People have often compared Suzhou to its double-sided embroidery, and these days have given me a glimpse into a truly modern side to this city. Through six years of practice and exploration, Suzhou Industrial Park has developed comprehensive services and a unique style of management as it redefines the idea of a new urban community. This Suzhou has captivated me so much that I’m looking forward to tomorrow, when I’ll meet the other half, the traditional one, of this dynamic city.
Big data drives future in Guizhou  VIDEO
Guizhou, in southwest China, used to be a remote, impoverished province. Though known for its ecology and rich natural resources, there was little in the way of a tech industry in the region. Today Guizhou is gradually growing into one of China's high-tech hotspots, where technology is not only used in business, but also in government and the provision of public services. Guizhou has truly embraced big data and is beginning to see some positive results.
A green path to rural growth in Guizhou  VIDEO
I visited counties, villages, tea gardens and mountains in Guizhou. I experienced local culture and met some great people. Most importantly, I loved the food. I saw the results of trans-district policies and ecological migration in Tongren, a region taking full advantage of its natural resources to help villagers lead happier lives. I saw locals’ efforts in environmental protection and sustainable green development and how that feeds into broader societal development.
Musical film celebrates, unites Asian civilizations  VIDEO
A short film released in celebration of the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference personifies unity and the riches of the continent through song.
NPC deputy echoes Xi's wisdom  VIDEO
President Xi Jinping called on the Inner Mongolia autonomous region to maintain its strategic focus on environmental protection and uphold an ecological shield for the country's northern border on Tuesday.
Rural deputy focuses on green agriculture  VIDEO
Li Suhuan, a deputy to NPC from Hebei province, is attending the two sessions for the second time this year.
Beijingers share how they plan to ring in the Chinese New Year  VIDEO
How will Beijing residents celebrate Spring Festival? Watch this video to find out.
40 years on: the story of Jiangsu  VIDEO
Since the reform and opening-up, private enterprises have developed very quickly and become an important supplement of state-owned enterprises. In the past 40 years, China's reform and opening-up has been unshakable. The space for development of private enterprises is even greater.
40 years on: the story of Inner Mongolia  VIDEO
Since China's reform and opening-up began 40 years ago, all aspects of society have continued to improve. As just one example, Inner Mongolia has witnessed dramatic changes in its economy.
40 years on: the story of Yiwu  VIDEO
Yiwu is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province and is known as the world's “Commodity Capital”. After 40 years of reform and opening-up, the older generation of merchants starting from “Chicken feather for sugar” barter have started businesses all over the world; and the new generation of Yiwu people are also opening up new online and physical store business models. More and more foreign businessmen are choosing to settle down. They have helped the city renew its vitality through the blend of cultures.