Finding Optics Valley   VIDEO

Our host Erik comes to Optics Valley to discover how this place will bring China into the future of tomorrow.
Finding Optics Valley  VIDEO
Our host Erik comes to Optics Valley to discover how this place will bring China into the future of tomorrow.
By  China Daily HK   Nov.13,2017
The China-Laos Railway  VIDEO
Once completed, the China-Laos railway tunnel will dramatically reduce the cost and time of transportation. The journey from Vientiane to the Boten border point will be reduced from about three days by road, to less than three hours by rail.
By  China Daily HK   Nov.13,2017
DesignAsia - Liquid Interiors  VIDEO
Merging interior design with modern eco principles, Design Asia profiles Liquid Interiors - a design firm concerned with more than just aesthetics.
Everyday Heroes: Riyangul Amire  VIDEO
From a little girl to an NPC deputy, a cleaner to the deputy head of a small town in Kashgar, Re Han Gu Li devotes herself to building her hometown.
Everyday Heroes: Guo Xiaoping  VIDEO
58-year-old Communist Party member Guo Xiaoping left his job as dean of Linfen infectious disease hospital ten years ago, to devote himself as the principle of Red Ribbon School, the only school that exclusively provides education to AIDS children.
By  China Daily HK   Oct.20,2017
After the deluge  VIDEO
Almost two months have passed after Macao was hit by the strongest typhoon in more than half a century. Thanks to the support of the central government and the unity of Macao people, the city has been gradually recovering from the deluge.
Everyday Heroes: Zhao Di  VIDEO
As a cabin crew member of Xiamen Airlines, Zhao Di has been part of the company for more than six years.
By  China Daily HK   Oct.17,2017
The Shaanxi Connection  VIDEO
China Daily travels through northern Shaanxi province on a mission to discover the influence the area had on the development of politics in China.
Changing China: Shenzhen's Road of Innovation  VIDEO
As newer industries like biotechnology and pharmaceuticals continue to develop, Shenzhen’s recent focus on new materials has pushed electronics and telecom manufacturing to the forefront of the city’s largest industries.
Changing China: Integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei  VIDEO
Whilst modern development provides a vast array of transformative advantages, a major obstacle eventually cracks the surface of prosperity in every urban centre - unsustainability. Pollution, traffic congestion, over-population, expanding infrastructures and high demand on resources emerge in the maturing of a modern city, and Beijing is no different.
Changing China: The Miao People's Dreams of Prosperity  VIDEO
Hunan is as diverse a region as any other, but it is home to several prefectures and villages that are shining examples of the potential outcomes from ‘shared’ thinking.
Changing China: The Eco-Friendly Three Rivers Nature Reserve  VIDEO
Qinghai province is home to China’s first national park, Sanjiangyuan, an area that marks the nation’s increasing focus on environmental protection, preservation and cleaner energy.
Everyday Heroes: Jia Chenxiang  VIDEO
Jia Chenxiang chose to leave the big city life behind, and came to a police station in Luoguhe Village, which is around one and a half hour's drive north from China's northernmost Mohe County.
Everyday Heroes: Zhang Zhengtao  VIDEO
As the deputy director of the precise perception and control center, Zhang Zhengtao has been working at the Institute of Automation of CAS for seven years.
Changing China: The Hometown of Pandas Goes Global  VIDEO
Economic strongholds are usually expected to be centered around a country’s capital city. Expectations have grown accustomed to the idea of these highly internationalised hubs where anything can thrive only amidst it’s plentiful and diverse opportunities.
By  China Daily   Oct.12,2017
Jiangsu in foreigners' eyes  VIDEO
The 2017 "Hi, Jiangsu" media tour has concluded on September 13. Let's take a look at Jiangsu through foreigners' eyes.
By  China Daily    Oct.11,2017
Amazing China - Mega Projects 2  VIDEO
Why is a foggy harbor getting so much attention from the media? That’s because if the harbor is out of order, goods you are going to buy from China will run short of storage for the time being.
By  China Daily   Oct.11,2017
Amazing China - Mega Projects 1  VIDEO
This video clip shows renovation of the Sanyuan Bridge - an important traffic corridor in Beijing. The central columns of this bridge, on a major Beijing highway, were dismantled in just six hours and cleared away within 24 hours.
CPC members in numbers  VIDEO
With the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China around the corner, let's have a quick look at the profile of the more than 89 million Party members.
How the targeted poverty-alleviation was conducted  VIDEO
Since 2013, China has lifted 66 million Chinese people – equivalent to the population of France – out of poverty. They have benefited from the Targeted-Poverty-Alleviation strategy put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping. What is so magical about it?
Xi's targeted war on poverty  VIDEO
Since 2013, China has lifted 66 million Chinese people – equivalent to the population of France – out of poverty. They have benefited from the Targeted-Poverty-Alleviation strategy put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping. What is so magical about it?
The Incredible Chinese High-speed Rail  VIDEO
Is this a magic trick, or scientific experiment? Well, it’s maybe a bit of both. All aboard a high-speed train hurtling across the Chinese landscape at speeds up to 300 kilometers an hour!
Nov. 11 Online Shopping Carnival Turns the World Crazy!  VIDEO
Welcome to "Shopping Carnival" – an annual shopping bonanza staged every November 11, which has now been running in China for the past few years.
Amazing Chinese “Brain”  VIDEO
This accomplishment was rewarded in 2016 with the Gordon Bell Prize, dubbed "the Nobel Prize in Global Computer Science.”
Glance of Future through Chinese Aerospace  VIDEO
As the Internet merges into our life, security and privacy has become the biggest concern for all.
How Crazy Is China’s Mobile Pay?  VIDEO
One of these four – and the one that appears to be floating Thomas' boat – is mobile payment, in which China is now leading the world in scale, scope, convenience and coverage.
DesignAsia -EP1- ATT Productions  VIDEO
On the first episode of DesignAsia we discover the wild and colourful fashion of ATT Productions. Never a repeat in their one of a kind, funky styles made by Lennon Chung and Chi Kin Chan
By  China Daily HK   Sep.21,2017
Startup reaches for the stars  VIDEO
A former Hong Kong headmaster has devoted himself to improving education in Hunan province in the last decade.
By  China Daily HK   Sep.20,2017
Gender under pressure  VIDEO
In this month’s Hong Kong Enquirer we take a closer look at the causes of the imbalance and the demands and aspirations of both genders.
China's major-country diplomacy EP2  VIDEO
Replete with its own unique features, China's major-country diplomacy has made comprehensive progress in recent years.
China's major-country diplomacy EP1  VIDEO
Replete with its own unique features, China's major-country diplomacy has made comprehensive progress in recent years.
Tibetan poverty relief village resettles hundreds  VIDEO
Sanyou Village is home to Tibet's first poverty alleviation and relocation project. Sitting beside Lhasa River, the project broke ground in March 2016, and all villagers were settled by July 5th, 2016.
Fleshing out in autumn | Know China Learn Chinese  VIDEO
For Erik, September means that summer is gone, autumn came. But what he doesn't know is that it is already been fall for a few weeks, according to the Chinese lunar calendar.
This is Tibet: millennium Tibetan incense  VIDEO
The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with its unique geographical environment, has nurtured a rich Tibetan culture. Tibetan incense, always as a dedication to the Buddha and Gods in religious and spiritual activities, soothing the nerves and settling the soul, has also been widely used in the medicine, Buddhism practice, as well as the daily life of Tibetan people.
This is Tibet: the sacred lake in my heart  VIDEO
The sunshine of Tibet is never late. When the first ray bursts through sky at the break of dawn a paradise of nature reveals right in front of you. In this episode, let's discover the beauty and magic of the sacred lake in Tibet.
This is Tibet: today and yesterday  VIDEO
Tibet has witnessed tremendous changes with the passage of time. It transcended the general pattern of social development and quickly ended feudal serfdom. We will discover how Tibet changes during these years.
By  China Daily   Jul.31,2017
Shandong seizes opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative  VIDEO
A group of Asian media reporters share their insights on Shandong province during their Discover Shandong trip on July 2-8 in Jinan, Dongying and Yantai.
By  China Daily HK   Jul.25,2017
Liu, keeping Shenzhen shining  VIDEO
Liu Yingping came to Shenzhen ten years ago to find work and started working as a window cleaner, a dangerous and exhausting job.
By  China Daily HK   Jul.13,2017
Chen, painting the Mediterranean for a living  VIDEO
Chen Lin has been painting commercial paintings - mostly replicas - in oil painting village Dafen. She’s specialized in Mediterranean sceneries.
By  China Daily HK   Jul.06,2017
Feishou, Chinaman with African rhythm  VIDEO
Feishou, who has never been to Africa, believes he is destined to become a djembe player.
Biggest Chinese night market held in LA  VIDEO
626 Night Market, the largest night market in the United States, kicked off recently at Santa Anita Park in Los Angeles, offering Southern Californians a great place to go during summer nights.
By  China Daily HK   Jun.22,2017
Mr Xing, the 96-year-old tennis player  VIDEO
Every day, Mr Xing Rao plays tennis, except when it rains. He is 96 years old but does daily one-hour sessions hitting the ball 1,000 times against a wall in his neighbourhood in Shenzhen.
Laowai Does: one day in Ditan Park  VIDEO
You must have seen the square dancing, whip crack and other special Chinese entertainment activities, but have you ever tried them by yourself? In order to explore the mystery of these activities, our colleague Adam spent a whole day in Beijing’s Ditan Park to experience all these activities with the locals. Let’s check out his day.
China preps US workers for new CRRC plant  VIDEO
33 employees from the Springfield operation arrived at CRRC’s manufacturing plant in Changchun, northeastern China’s Jilin province, in April for a three-month training course.
By  China Daily HK    May.23,2017
Marina, the woman who built a mosque  VIDEO
Marina Tabassum is a Bangladeshi architect who recently completed the Bait Ur Rouf Mosque on the outskirts of Dhaka.
B&R special: Vision  VIDEO
If this is just the beginning, what's the vision for the future?
B&R special: The Power of Capital  VIDEO
In this episode, we will discover B&R's financing scheme and how currency circulates along the Belt and Road.
B&R special: Platforms  VIDEO
In this episode, we will discover how the B&R can help countries cooperate, as well asbring jobs and revenue to local people.
B&R special: Industrialization  VIDEO
In this episode, we will discover the mission of the Belt and Road and how B&R help countries along the way realize their dreams of development.
B&R special: Paving the way  VIDEO
In this episode, we will see how Belt and Road helps close the distance between people around the world.