Returning home with father

On Aug 26 the US-born Taiwan-based director and playwright Stan Lai Sheng-chuan was in Huichang again to present a play, A Blurry Kind of Love, produced by Performance Workshop, a contemporary theatre group he founded in 1984.

On the opening night the 1,000-seat theater, the only one in the county, and which is hidden in an array of narrow, busy streets in the downtown area, was packed.

The play premiered in late 2015, directed by Ismene Ting, Lai’s sister-in-law, and is based on the novel The Game of Love and Chance by the 18th century French playwright Pierre de Marivaux. It is a three-act comedy about a young woman who is engaged to a man she has never met. Hoping to learn more about him, she and her servant trade identities.

However, her fiance has the same idea and trades identities with his driver.