Tibetan poverty relief village resettles hundreds

Sanyou Village is home to Tibet's first poverty alleviation and relocation project. Sitting beside Lhasa River, the project broke ground in March 2016, and all villagers were settled by July 5th, 2016.

Once piled high with heaps of stones, the Lhasa - Shigatse railway line is now a place of hope with 184 homes and 712 people. By relying on the convenient geographical location, villagers are gradually lifting themselves out of poverty by developing local industries.

Aunty Nima moved here from Semai, a high altitude mountain village, her life made difficult and poverty-stricken by poor transport and lack of accessibility into and out of the area. But now, Aunty Nima lives in a 144 square meter, two storey townhouse. All family members have their own jobs, and her daughter alone earns 5,000 yuan per month.

Houses and buildings in Sanyou Village are thoughtfully designed with local characteristics and national style, and are fully equipped with necessary facilities. Various supporting projects have continued to people live better lives, which explains the name Sanyou - literally, “Three Have” - namely, to have a home, industry, and health.