Changing China: The Hometown of Pandas Goes Global

Economic strongholds are usually expected to be centered around a country’s capital city. Expectations have grown accustomed to the idea of these highly internationalised hubs where anything can thrive only amidst it’s plentiful and diverse opportunities.

But China tells a different story.

Sichuan province, and predominantly, it’s own capital, Chengdu, is a key region of direct foreign investment in the country. Through established or start-up enterprises, global companies, alongside international entrepreneurs, have increasingly settled in the city.

This wide spectrum of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to 5-employee start-ups, have been both encouraged and supported in Chengdu. The combination of investment-oriented initiatives, multinational enterprises and significant business opportunities have been able to benefit from globally aligned accessibility policies, creating a vibrant economic landscape.

Moreover, the city offers a unique coexistence of cultural tradition and modern enterprises that blend together to create ever more opportunities, resulting in a competitive advantage that turns the world of work into working within the world.