Modernizing international cooperation in Hainan

In 2010, Hainan received official approval from the state council to develop into an international tourism island - an industry that has now become Hainan’s leading sector and a national strategy for China. More air and sea routes connect other countries to the island, and increased investment flowing into the province strengthens the local economy. Hotels, duty-free malls and theme parks are just some of the modern constructions that cater to tourists needs, combined with rich ecological treasures and tropical climates.

Although the ancient maritime routes may have changed, Hainan has retained its connection to exploration, openness and cooperation, modernizing its characteristics and strengths, and maintaining an active engagement with the rest of the world.

Video by: Wang Yino & Zhang Xiaoshan
Edited by: Zhang Guangteng
Supervised by: Ma Zhiping
Produced by: