Network members wield influence in cyberspace

Among the more than 500 live broadcast platforms in China, this “internet celebrity party branch” is the first to be directly connected to the CPC Committee, and has 18 live streaming host members.

Party members are ordinary. They are close to the masses, but when the people are in need, they will stand up and come together. As a result, Party members became the most dynamic "red cells" around the masses; it was precisely because of the presence of Party members that the masses could feel the red power of passion. That power also led the advancement of a positive social energy.

In an era when everyone is from the media, the internet live broadcast area needs to maintain integrity and become a window into good social trends. Establishing the “internet celebrity party branch” is undoubtedly of great significance. On the one hand, Party members can use their live broadcasts to display their own messages, and they can narrow the distance from the masses and become a channel for public opinion. On the other hand, they can build their own sphere of influence in cyberspace.

Video by: Wang Yuxi, Sun Weiwei & Li Xin