Thailand: $10 challenge in Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, it is also known for selling cheap and delicious street food. We come to Bangkok to see what can we get under $10 from here.

In Bangkok, you can always find what you want. We have Moo tod which contains sticky rice and fried pork marinated in honey for breakfast, Tom luad moo made by pig's blood, Thai ice tea, Thai boat noodle for lunch, Krapow Gai, Thai sweet in coconut milk and Thai North-Eastern food for the dinner. Let's see how amazing the food is in Bangkok!

Belt and Road country profile: Thailand

China and Thailand signed deals on railway and agricultural technology cooperation following the 5th China-Thailand Joint Committee on Trade, Investment and Economic Cooperation Meeting held Friday in Beijing.

The two sides signed an agreement to extend their five-year plan for economic and trade cooperation and make a joint action plan, a memorandum on railway cooperation, and a deal on agricultural product e-certificate technology.

The annual meeting, co-chaired by Chinese State Councilor Wang Yong and visiting Thai Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak, is aimed at strengthening pragmatic cooperation and working together on the Belt and Road Initiative, which was proposed by China in 2013 to enhance regional connectivity.

The two sides agreed to make full use of the current bilateral cooperation mechanisms, dovetail their development strategies and continue to strengthen trade, investment and major project cooperation.

Wang suggested that China and Thailand further strengthen pragmatic cooperation in tourism, finance, economic and trade cooperation at the provincial level, as well as regional economic integration.

Somkid agreed to strengthen cooperation with China, particularly in major areas such as infrastructure, industrial clusters, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), technology and energy.

He said Thailand will support and work jointly on the Belt and Road Initiative with China.